05 May 2014


30 May 2010

27 August 2009

it's just not working...

I thought I could do it
I thought I could keep two blogs going
since I never really found what I was looking for in this blog
my heart just isn't in it
so today
I say good bye to
unmade life
in hopes of finding a very "made" life somewhere else
just maybe
it's where I've been all along
thank you
for being along with me on this relatively short ride
everyone of you made it so worth it for me
to at least try

25 August 2009

hold on...

no matter how hard we try
there will always be bumps in the road
to slow us down
to frustrate us
to question where we're going in the first place
to make us stop completely and turn around

21 August 2009

I went anyway...

I saw the no trespassing sign
but I couldn't resist the pull that wished me closer
to what I believe
was once a tiny cottage in a fairy tale
when I turned to walk away
the soft flutter of a wing graced my cheek
making me believe even more

15 August 2009

when you're a boy...

it's good to take a jumping break
after playing in the fields
eating donut balls
drinking red kool-aid until your lips are permanently stained
finding a catepilliar larger than a vienna sausage
on a summer day