08 August 2009

mostly weeds...

mostly weeds

so often there is beauty surrounding us
almost blinding us
we don't see it
why do we point over there and say
"oh, that's so beautiful"
everything right next to it is just as beautiful
yet we don't see it
we don't even notice it
at least
let's look at everything with fresh eyes
be blinded
the beauty we breathe in everyday


Caroline said...

Yes! Let's be blinded by the beauty of the everyday...

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

You know (well of course you do, you wrote this!) this is so true. To be able to find beauty in the "normal" and everyday is a gift. A little like wanting what you have while at the same time knowing there is nothing wrong with still yearning.

Eileen said...

This clutter on my coffee table is just beautiful ... thank you for letting me "see" it as so!!!! This is the way I try to live each day. Thanks for reminding us all Beth.

Kim Mailhot said...

I saw the pile of art supplies and scraps and paint splattered desk in a new way - look at what I created while I was creating ! This is a perfect reminder and so beautifully written to boot !
Happy Happy Sunday, lovely One !

clairedulalune said...

Oh it is lovely here! beauty in your postings as always!

misty said...

yesterday i found the perfect place to take you whenever you come visit... ;)

fresh eyes... ahh, yes!

cinner said...

It is a beautiful post beth, thanks for the reminder. I hope you had a great birthday. Take care, c

PixieDust said...

Never any further than our own backyard, yes? Very lovely!


(and we have the same post titles today! We are in sync! heehee)



Mel said...

Ah yes....so my house doesn't really need cleaning....just admiring!! I can do that! *grin*

You're so right.....we spend too much time looking past what's right in front of us, wondering what might be further along....

Ooooohhhh...there's a butt-kicker of a storm brewing...it's gone very black all of a sudden...


Char said...

amen sistah

Meri said...

With pleasure!

Roban said...

You're right.... now if I'll just slow down long enough to look!

elk said...

very clear and true words~

Holly said...


Wildflower Studio (Michelle Dransart) said...

So true. And its so funny you write this, because I am constantly aware of my adoration of weeds lately, and can't believe how beautiful I find their untamed wildness.
OH! I just spotted my blog here as I am writing my comment. I am honored you listed my blog :)

Izzy said...

Weeds can be beautiful too!

I think most people, unfortunately, don't see the surrounding beauty because their eyes are so far shoved into the texts on their blackberries, ears wrapped around their cell phones, and minds enveloped with "self"... i love how far we've come with communication technology, but we as humans need to learn how to "put it down and walk away". =)

Claire said...

i will heed your wisdom.