01 August 2009


when I have a house near the beach
with a kitchen large enough to hold a ten foot chalkboard
where a chalky note
"the chef has taken an indefinite leave of absence"
you'll find
me riding me around on this
the precious cargo will be towels, sunscreen and a good book
want to join me
I was instantly in love with it when I saw it
on the blog
that has given me more inspiration over the past year than any other
it's the story of nie
her family
how she is surviving
after almost dying
~in a horrific plane crash with her husband~
the surgeries, the skin grafts, the pain
the pain
of not being able to hold her children who didn't recognize her for a long time
the pain
of moving her body
the pain
of not wanting to look at herself in the mirror
the pain
from just breathing somedays
then there's the love
a love
like nothing you've ever seen before
so when I have a tough day
it's easy to go here and remind myself that things aren't so bad after all


Holly said...

Good for you! Very good for you. Thanks for the link!

Anonymous said...

i must explore that link... sounds like the kind of inspiration i need. and yes, that bike looks fab!

cinner said...

Thanks Beth, we all need an inspiration . The bike is great. Take care, cinner

Kim Mailhot said...

things really aren't so bad at all...
Hmmm...let's list ten things that are good as fast as we can...GO!

You are good, Beth. Thank you for all you put out there.

Char said...

it is a wonderful reminder...

hope you had a fabulous weekend

elk said...

so so true she is an inspiration! and so is that sign in your cottage ...laughing just now!

Mariana Soffer said...

Great picture, wierd transport stuff you got. I like the way you say things, you must have an have optimistic tone of voice. And you know everything will be all right after all.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Even though we are not supposed to compare ourselves with others, it doesn't hurt when it makes you appreciate all that you are at the moment. And about the cargo bike - what fun! I wish I lived in a climate that made having one of these feasible.

Anonymous said...

Nie's story truly is inspirational.
I've been "keeping up" with it for a while now. Love the LAUGH, too. Absolutely, freakin' love the ride you found! My "precious cargo" are all grown up now, but it would be perfect for getting around my neighborhood, where treasures are to be found around every turn. And I love that color!

Anonymous said...

BTW...you're pretty inspirational yourself, kiddo!

Cam said...

So, I too love that bike. We could ride around the beach together, and collect all kinds of goodies!!

I would name mine Frannie.
What would you call yours?

Cam said...

(after nie)

Cause I find her so inspirational too! She reminds me to persevere, and that Life is really really really Good. It is all about your perspective...

Jeanie said...

Wow. I will have to go visit the link. And yes, there's always something somewhere that's even worse.

As for the beach, well, "Go, Beach!!!"

Jennifer said...

oh i just love that bicycle. how fun :)