25 August 2009

hold on...

no matter how hard we try
there will always be bumps in the road
to slow us down
to frustrate us
to question where we're going in the first place
to make us stop completely and turn around


Caroline said...

Yes that true...but those bumps are lessons. Then once you get through them you will look back and be thankful for those bumps. Because they made you stronger and wiser.

Anonymous said...

dont turn around - find your way through the bumps. that is a great photo, btw.

Char said...

sometimes the bumps are important to stop us, I agree - that's your inner voice of wisdom. sometimes the bumps are just to warn us of the lesson to be learned. sometimes the bumps are just own fear...and those are the times we really need to burst through the bumps and move on.

Mark said...

Some say we learn from the bumps, some say the bumps make us stronger..some days I just wish for a straight smooth highway.

elk said...

ouch they hurt....whee.... they're exhilarating, that is my take on bumps short and sweet!

perfect image for the post beth!

apriliniowa said...

and often for good reason, too.
the photograph suits this. well.
I hope you are well, too. :)

Jeanie said...

What ARE those things? Bumps are opportunities that hurt.