13 August 2009

living softly...but with a voice

alone but not lonely

"if I had a whole day to do whatever I wanted to do"
"a day to do whatever I wanted"
describes almost every day I've had this summer
so I'm not complaining
unfortunately I wasted a few of them doing laundry that could have waited
making phone calls that weren't important
watching movies I've already seen
I should have been out living a bit more
summer runs away so quickly and I spend hours looking over my shoulder
wondering where it went
when the days start to get shorter
for the rest of this summer
I'm going to be living
a bit more openly
a bit louder
a bit more wild
I'm feeling awake and alive and curious
I don't want to miss a thing


Eileen said...

Take me with you!

Holly said...

Good for you, Gurl!

Jeanie said...

Well said!

QueenBee said...

I'm so totally with you! I've made alot of progress this summer, and I've felt more alive than I have in years. I've enjoyed it so much! I can feel this season slipping away, with the fruits and vegetables coming in, the corn fields are turning brown, and the little tell-tale signs that autumn is on it's way. Good news is, autumn is my favorite season!

apriliniowa said...

Love the cross processing effect you used here. It's highlights the sky beautifully. & I feel like summer has slipped by beneath a mountain of chores and errands and boys running through my house. Fall will be welcomed here. :)

cinner said...

I agree with you beth, time just gets away and I don't want to miss a thing either. I left something for you on my blog today. Take care.

PixieDust said...

The adventure in your voice is contagious! Good for you, mi amor, not just passing through life, but engaging it.



Toni said...

you're such a grand instigator, god love ya!!! I'M IN! As Holly long ago established with me: Waz eez laundry?

Caroline said...

I feel the same! Here's to wild and crazy...lol. Well, here's to taking more chances and living off-line more :)

joyce said...

A wonderful attitude to finish off summer. I love your picture, and on your other blog I never notice your daughter in the 1st picture until you pointed her out!

MB Shaw said...

Yep, I hear ya! I think maybe computer time is an issue for me too.

Char said...

a beautiful way to live life I think - wide open.

love the shot

Jeanie said...

I join the chorus of wanting to go with you!

Derrick said...

But the things that sometimes crowd in seem necessary at the time, don't you think? You are right though, we shouldn't waste a minute.