15 August 2009

when you're a boy...

it's good to take a jumping break
after playing in the fields
eating donut balls
drinking red kool-aid until your lips are permanently stained
finding a catepilliar larger than a vienna sausage
on a summer day


Holly said...

Drinking red kool-aid and eating donuts would make us jump all day long, too so you'd hace lots of laughs taking our pictures.

Char said...

heck, I did that as a girl too. great shots

Eileen said...

Loved the post and look forward to seeing Simon in the years ahead enjoying a summer day in just that way! Wishing you could record it!

Caroline said...

I agree with char...did that too!

Anonymous said...

I really miss my grandson!

Jeanie said...

Where do you FIND these people who will jump for you!!!

elk said...

what could be better than that!

Derrick said...

Hi Beth,

Now I notice you don't have a pic of the caterpillar here! Was it really, really that big?!