02 July 2009

a blank slate can be kind of scary...

a new set of pencils or markers or paints
be thrilling
to the point that it awakens all your senses
makes you want to run naked
in a field of wild flowers
maybe that's just me
welcome to my new blog
I'm not replacing more doors
just adding to it
for no reason other than I had a dream the other night
"my unmade life"
came crashing down on me as I rolled around in my "unmade bed"
which is where the "untucked corners" came from
when things like that happen
it's for a reason and I've always believed in that whole kind of thing
like karma
only better
that if you resist things that present themselves to you openly like that
you'll be struck down by lightning during the next rain storm
that would just be an awful way to go
wouldn't it
{and hopefully the "post options" will work here on this blog and make my life easier}
so I hope you enjoy your time here
my unmade life
where there will surely be some
jumping on the bed
if those corners ever stay tucked in place for very long
lying in bed would be an altogether perfect and supreme
if only one had a colored pencil long enough to draw on the
~g.k. chesterton~


Anonymous said...

yay! now there's more of you to enjoy :)

Kim Mailhot said...

first thing I do when I get into a fresh made bed done by someone else is untuck the corners ! Don't even bother tucking mine in on new sheet days...what does that mean about me ? Just that I like it the way I like it, and have figured out that it is okay to make things that way wherever I can. That was a good thing to learn ! ;)

Welcome to your new home ! The view is lovely here.

Holly said...

Oh, more to love? I can't stand more can I? I can't! Well, certainly I can!

Derrick said...

Hi Beth,

Can't wait to see around this new home! Wonder what will be happening in your unmade life?

Meri said...

Running off to meet a blog friend for chai, but had to come see this new home. It must be in the air, because I started a second blog last month. It's got a very simple mission and doesn't take much time: one photo a day.

Char said...

hello - a new place? more beth to love?

georgia b. said...


how will this space differ from "be yourself . . ."

is this going to be a more personal place??

love the chesterton quote—perfect for this post.

Marcie said...

Looking forward to seeing your new home unfold. Such a wonderful premise..and accompanying image.

Jeanie said...

Oh, I'm eager to see more! Love the pencils -- perfect! Your blog is one of my faves, and I'm looking forward to checking in here, too!

elk said...

I am here ...can the party start?...wink!

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hey you, getting busy aren't you?

I do think it's in the air, I'm having thoughts going through my head starting a second blog. Just a picture blog. Can't wait what will happen here in this new space of yours.

Maybe you'll even give me some ideas to start with?

cinner said...

Congrats Beth, excited for you and can't wait to see hog your new blog unfolds...More Beth is always a good thing. Take care, cinner

Eileen said...

Wow ... you are bursting with creative juices like a ripe summertime treat! I will look forward to sampling some along the way.

Cam said...

I'm doing my happy dance, Beth! Can't wait to see the magic that spins from here!

Claire said...

untucked... i love the emotions and memories it evokes.

Relyn said...

What a perfect quote. I'll be excited to see how this new venture of yours unfolds.

Samantha said...

Wow ~ there's something in the air for sure .... had some nudgings myself to start something new, but not clarified yet! And yes, it's exactly how you put it, about being struck down by lightning if you don't take the leap when it opens up in front of you.

Strange that I hadn't looked closely enough at your other blog to spot the link to the new place until today .... and now I have plenty of new reading material for my breaks between housework today ~ hooray!