03 July 2009


the doors
we open and close each day
decide the lives we live
~flora whittemore~
in this case
a gate
that's pretty much non-functioning
but looked amazing when I saw it along side the road
then somehow
helped this quote
make sense


Holly said...

And, what does a gate like this say in response to that quote, do you suppose? Look at you with 12 followers already to this new enterprise of yours!! Means what I suspect, we'll follow you anywhere!!

Patti said...

Love the new digs Beth!! Good for you! Glad you are not getting rid of the old one too!

Char said...

great find - beautifl shot

Ribbon said...

great photos as always...
why at another place?

all good

x Ribbon

Eileen said...

I always liked geometry and the intersection of all of the nearly visible "lines" in the composition are so intriguing. And this is definitely one of those images that calls you to enter ... take a detour on your way ... see what is on the other side. Loved it.

Relyn said...

I think we are all very often like that gate. We want to leave it half open/half closed. We want to keep our options open because change is scary.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

aaahhh. wonderful Beth. Seeing doors, windows, gates, fenches as openings in life. And it looks like this photo is just taken around my corner.

Jeanie said...

Lovely study. Very nice!