17 July 2009

not my normal...

I don't really ever take photos of the food I eat
now that I'm addicted to a salad my sister made for dinner one night
I thought it only fair that I share it with all of you
spinach salad
anything else you want to throw in with it
in this case
slivered toasted almonds
feta cheese
6 tbls aged balsamic vinegar
3 tbls honey
2 tbls olive oil
stirred well together
mix in the amount of dressing you need based on how much spinach you use
{it's all up to you}
refrigerate the rest for later
I'm totally addicted to this salad and have been eating it almost daily now for two weeks which is something I do
I'm an "in a food rut" person
once I find something I love
I eat it non-stop and really never get tired of it
just for fun
the other night
{and a little protein}
I added grilled chicken breast to the above ingredients
it was amazing


Holly said...

Umm, like you I could eat salad every day....mostly spinach and not get tired of it.

But, honestly, that picture you took of it? THAT is way more yummy than any salad is ever going to taste. Beth, food shots are incredibly difficult, but you nailed this one!

Bon Appitit!

Anonymous said...

i love baby spinach salads - and as simple as possible. I quite like sliced kiwi added to it though.

Kim Mailhot said...

Yummy ! Oooh, kiwi on it sounds like a good addition too ! Peels of parmaesan cheese would be nutty, salty delish too. Sounds like perfect summer food !

Claire said...


was at a loss for tomorrow's lunch. think you just solved my problem.

Glen Goffin said...

mmmm ... I love spinach salads! Warm dressing, bacon ... or goat cheese for savory elements. My mouth is watering right now! Peace, Glen

Char said...

I make that salad a lot too...simple and easy. sometimes I change it up with cashews.

Cam said...

Well, you know I'm hungry now...

Great shot! Thanks for the recipe, will have to try out that dressing!


cinner said...

Looks great, I will try it out.

Eileen said...

You've got everyone's attention now (even Popeye!)... during the summer months I can't help myself from adding fresh fruit/berries to almost any salad too.

Anyone know where I can get a dressing that no longer seems available around here ... Caroline's Orange Poppyseed? There now, I've given you a mission.

elk said...

anything spinich gets my vote too, one of my all time favorites ~ i agree on the food photos tho yours looks good~

Patti said...

That's one of my MIL and my favorite salads ever!! That and a cobb salad- mine with avocado and black olives, hers without. I could eat salads all day long (and sometimes do). I love to try and duplicate those that are LOTS of money at nice places-lol. Have a great weekend~

apriliniowa said...

I can't remember the last time I had a salad that didn't involve Feta cheese. Loving these variations, in other words. And your salad looks deliciously green.
As for recipes, I have a tendency to find a recipe I love and then overkill it until I never want to eat it again. (Actually that applies to most everything I fancy. I fancy things to death.) That, and I have the pickiest son in the world when it comes to food. ah, sigh.
With that, enjoy your weekend. :)

MB Shaw said...

Yum, sounds delicious. I am a food rut person too. Once I find something I like, I will eat it every day until I tire of it.

Jeanie said...

All my favorite ingredients in one salad! Works for me!

Relyn said...

YUM!! While I was in SF, I ate my own best salad. It was full of arugula, mangos, figs, blue cheese, sugared walnuts, and who knows what else. OH MY!