23 July 2009

breast cancer awareness...

I'm a fan of
"so you think you can dance"
last night it brought it me to tears
with the judges and the rest of the viewers
after watching
melissa and ade
{two of my favorites}
which was
chorographed by tyce
for breast cancer awareness
it represents
the struggle and the fight and the emotions and the pain
a woman goes through
~along with her partner~
while trying to win the war against this ugly disease
I hope that even if you're not a fan of the show
you'll watch this clip
love it as much as I did


Holly said...

It must have had a great impact on very many as this is all over facebook and now I come to find that you were moved by it, too.

There are some moments when we watch Humans doing something and our breath is sucked away momentarily while our brains are filled with the wonder of how truly miraculous and wondrous we Humans are. When we glow with the truth of our God/Goddess natures and all of us are reminded of how great we are as threads of the Divine.

margie said...

i thought it was fabulous. i was hovering between goosebumps and tears through the whole performance.

Kim Mailhot said...

so beautiful...I had shivers and tears last night...the dance and the dancers and the message...all so very beautiful...there is such beauty in our lives, isn't there, in spite of the pain...thank God for that and for our ability to celebrate it !

Char said...

that song is always haunting on it's own and it added to the beauty of the performance.

breast cancer touches so many people's lives....here's to finding a cure.

cinner said...

It was a beautiful performance. I know why you love dancing so much, because it is so beautiful, like your pictures. I am all for awareness and helping to find a cure.

dogfaeriex5 said...

beautiful beth, just beautiful!!

apriliniowa said...

I had never watched that show before but that dance...that song...those movements...were beautiful. Exceptional dancers.

MB Shaw said...

This is my fave show and this dance was absolutely amazing. So intense yet beautiful and heartfelt. I love Melissa anyway, she just rocks. All the contestants have been so good this year.
Have fun w/your sweetie this weekend.

georgia b. said...

thanks for this.

deb did it said...

I am feelin the love...beautiful kisses!