18 July 2009

not so hard...

I know I know
I need a little nudge and a poke to make this blog into something
something new and different and just more me
I'm still at a loss for what that's going to be
I need to get my sidebar filled with blog loves
some pretty flowers and glasses of fresh squeezed lemonade
so that when you do visit
you'll feel right at home
never want to leave
hey maybe that's it
maybe this blog needs to be a bed and breakfast of sorts
~ala beth~
since I don't cook or bake
or eat anything for breakfast except breakfast bars
I'm going to have work on just making sure this space feels as comfortable
a bed and breakfast
with down pillows and comforters and slippers for your feet
chocolates on your pillow
an amazing view of the park like grounds when you look out your window
the best part
I'll even make sure you all have your own bathrooms


Holly said...

If I can stay for free, I am a good cook so if I do that part can I have my bed for free? And, whatever you do with it....that'll be grand!

Kim Mailhot said...

I would stay at the bb&b anytime !!! ;) Such love and genuine care in all you do is bound to make it a great place to visit and stay a good long while. My specialty is cheesecake if you need to have those on the menu...

Char said...

*smile* today I made blueberry muffins from a B&B recipe. I'll bring those if you can put on tea or coffee.

georgia b. said...

take your time. my blogs have been evolving since i started them. in fact, i'm pretty sure i want them to always be evolving. i had no idea what i set out to achieve with either when i started.

we'll be here. enjoying the view and our own private bathroom. :)

Jeanie said...

Well, so far, I've been very comfy! And it DOES take awhile to find the right voice, but I'm liking the one I'm hearing!

Relyn said...

You know, I kind of like the empty sidebar. I also like the idea of my own bathroom. ha.