10 July 2009

on a ledge...

I'm not going anywhere
sometimes I dream about all the places I haven't been
when I see or hear anything about children and orphanages in haiti or africa or malawi
there's a feeling I get inside
which most people would consider
"a calling"
I hear it screaming my name
it gets louder and louder
I gently push it aside
reminding myself that I'm not quite ready for that yet
someday I will be
when that day comes
these wings of mine will be ready to fly


Dani said...

i know that there's a lot more than being ready that goes into a trip like this...but sometimes i think that maybe it doesn't matter if we're ready or not...maybe the hard parts of an (adventure) like that are what changes us. there are lots of great things in my life that i wasn't ready for. but i'm all the better that they happened or that i jumped in.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Beautiful said my friend.
Can I fly with you? How much fun we would have.

cinner said...

Beth this is a nice dream to have. Go when you are ready!

Holly said...

Goodness! I had no idea!! Now I know another little tidbit about such a one as you!!!

elk said...

i am waiting on the ledge too, this really spoke my name today, thanks for your friendship and the sharing

Kim Mailhot said...

Keep on strengthening those wings with all the wonderful flying exercises you do and you will know when they feel just right to make the long flight!

Derrick said...

Hi Beth,

Sounds to me as if you have lots of energy already to tackle so many things!

Char said...

I always love the sense of adventure you seem to have - I can imagine you in a meadow, impatient and ready to run, telling me, come along - we're going this way. I love that about you.

sperlygirl said...

oh i love this photo....

misty said...

wow, what a shot! awesome!!!
i am getting ready for that day, too!


Cam said...

Kindred spirit...

I feel the same when I see them. My heart and my arms ache to reach out to them. I feel so humbled and helpless, yet so determined and passionate.

I believe in your wings, Beth.
I do.

Relyn said...

Today you have made poetry with your words and image. What a perfect pairing.