12 July 2009

it's a gem alright...

I'm playing along with georgia today
after she wrote about
little hidden gems
the sights and sounds out at our weekend cottage
are the little gems
in my life
that always take my breath away
fill my heart with color
did you read about my two dollar project


Anonymous said...

these pictures take my breath away :)

Kim Mailhot said...

You have such fine jewels, Miss Beth ! Gorgeous !

Claire said...

Beth your last photo here is just amazing!

Patti said...

These pictures, along with your words are gems themselves. Wow Beth!

Holly said...

I started here, went there, clicked back to here, then saw where it said there and stated to click...and then...then my head exploded...and on my birthday no less...

Char said...

great hidden gems...and I will be sure to check out your $2 project. yay - isn't that the best feeling?

georgia b. said...

i wish you never have to leave that cottage behind. although i've never been in person, i now have a glimpse, and i think it would be a shame to leave. :(

beautiful photos!

Eileen said...

I have been wondering about that cottage ... isn't it everyone's fantasy? I had a "creek house" that gave me the same type of sanctuary I suspect and I miss it terribly. What will become of your sanctuary?

Love the two dollar project ... what an experience those two dollars paid for ... and a perfect investment!

apriliniowa said...

Brilliantly orange! Love the last photograph.