21 July 2009

I needed more storage and it was too wet to go outside and play...

this is a cabinet in my office that houses my
on the top shelf
doors on the bottom
that hide all my camera and ipod things like cords and chargers
all that other stuff that you can't breathe without
has to be stored away because seeing those things out all the time takes years off your life
then there are
the dreaded middle shelves that do nothing but ask to be dusted
today I told them I'd had it
so I rummaged through my fabric scraps to see if I had anything
large enough to play with that was somewhat pleasing to the eye
it was pouring outside and I was too lazy to go to joann's to look for fabric that
would be perfect
maybe you should know that I used to sew all the time
window treatments were my speciality
~just thought I'd throw that in~
so I whipped out my tools
cut and ironed away for an hour
~yes...only an hour of my time~
now here's a trick I'll share with you because I'm nice that way
I have a great sewing machine that has had years and years of love
when I make something simple like this
I use the iron on adhesive strips to make all my hems and the rod pocket
tell me you already know about this amazing stuff and if you don't run now and get yourself some to play with
I had one piece of fabric just barely big enough for a rod pocket and hemming
its simple amish little house on the prairie look works
for now
gives me storage and less dusting
that's all a girl needs sometimes to make her really happy


Holly said...

I did know about that stuff. Have used it. The only bummer for me is that after a time it seems to become fatigued and lets go! Bummer...but you? You're a real good tip of the day!

cinner said...

It is a good tip and I hate dusting! I find in this old house worse than any new ones I think, Have not lived in a new house. My Mom has no dust in her house, she would be distraught if she came to my door now!

Char said...

oh, that reminds me...that I need to dust.


Derrick said...

Having read your last few posts, Beth, it seems as if this blog is becoming the Beth's Handy Hints & Craft Spot?! But a B&B would be great too!

Kim Mailhot said...

it's the little things, isn't it ? anything that reduces dusting is a very very good little thing ! ;)

Roban said...

Smart idea! Anything that keeps dusting to a minimum is a smart idea!

Alicia said...

i'm machine-less... and i don't even have space for scraps of fabric... i just call my mother and she puts together the little curtains i need, but maybe next time, i can use your easy way and make my own :)

Jeanie said...

Great idea. I have no window treatments. Looks ugly. Love this -- I don't sew. Adhesive strips sound grand to me!

Relyn said...

I need to send you a picture of my classroom corner. I made exactly this kind of curtain to hide the mini-fridge, microwave, and all those ugly bins of science goodies.

georgia b. said...

okay, martha. :)

i love it. i'm not a sewer. could you come to my house and whip me up some cool things like this? i got lots of ideas.

it rained her today. but now the sun is out. what in the world is going on with summer? i imagine it's been even colder up by you. sheesh!!!

Ribbon said...

looking good...
you and your efforts :)

best wishes

elk said...

wonderful idea and now that sense of accomplishment!