05 July 2009

what are you today ?

"there is only you and your camera"
"the limitations in your photography
are in yourself
for what we see
is what we are"
~ haas~
I guess today I'm an old garage door
with wild ivy snaking around my neck
which is perfectly alright with me
I always get told my eyes are beautiful when I wear green


Holly said...

GA! You find the oddest, or the most usual that it goes unnoticed, throw it in with an odd random thought that I don't see the magic in, (BEcause I'm not looking, duh!?) and at the end, comes out the most scrumptious thought cake!

I don't know what more to say to you!

Kim Mailhot said...

Your eyes are oh so beautiful. I love to see through them.
Enjoy your Sunday !

Claire said...

a theme that runs central for me on both of your blogs is your infectious spirit for life. you are a bundle of life and everyting you photograph and write about speaks of that. perhaps that could be an element within the greater theme?

i like the untucked linen theme very much. pure. simple. clean. alive.

Char said...

beautiful shot - I love the composition and the editing you've done. the simple theme really conveys a mood.

you know, I've rarely picked up the camera lately (except the fruit)...i've run out of gas.

Relyn said...

You are good, so good with words.

georgia b. said...

lovely photo. i get told the same thing when i wear green. :) perhaps it is why it's my favorite color. :)

today i'm a giant tall white puffy cloud.

georgia b. said...

hey, you changed the blog name!

Susan Tuttle said...

gorgeous photograph...

...and yes, you do have beautiful eyes:)


Barefoot from Heaven said...

Love being an old garage door some days. And wearing that necklace is just stunning...you made me laugh.

Derrick said...

Beautiful, vibrant green against the weathered wood. Your eyes are clearly shining !

Eileen said...

Today I am a garden full of white daisies ... simple but lovely!

Jeanie said...

Great quote!